💥 NEWS Suggestions for you on applying Helper. Updated 22/3/2020

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Everyone on the server works hard and really wants to help the server, but some people are not good at describing things. So I made these suggestions for everyone who is interested in applying helper.

How active can you be per day: ( This question let us know how long can you been on per day. And know your activity.)

Previous staffing experience: ( If we can know your previous staffing experience, we can trust you more.)
For example:

Server: LlamaCraft
Rank: Moderator
Role: My main role is to ban people who hacks on server, mute people who are being toxic, rude, and making death wishes.. Etc. Also giving people suggestions on applying hackers!

What brought you to LlamaCraft (So we can know why you're on this server, why would you join.)

What inspired you to apply (We want to know why you want to apply helper, what makes you interested in this. Don't say that we're currently looking for staff, we can choose others if we want.)

What makes you better than other applicants: (Any jobs, Any boss wants to find a person that can tell us why he/she want to join us, and why choosing him/her is better.)
For example:
(From WhiteGL's application) (Do not copy and paste to your application)
I believe that I am different than others, I have learned a lot from the server, including moderating, developing and owning, and these experiences let me learned the skills of control, and giving fair punishments. I believe that I'm professional, and I can do much for the server. From owning a server I learned how to catch hackers, and also won't let them detect that I'm already near them, also "Staff" needs to be active, and I'm active most of the time, I could help people when the other staff aren't online, for example, the user is hacking, and I'm the only staff, then I can stand out for the members and rapidly make out a fair punishment. In my eyes, Staff is more like a job, which is the most important to the server.

How can you make LlamaCraft better: (This is a question that wants to ask you how are you going to service this server, what you want to do for the server to make it better.)

There are just some suggestions, don't take it seriously. You can do it in your own way.

Good luck to you guys which is going to apply for Helper!
Also, not to copy any accepted applications, it will be instantly denied!
And don't make the application like this:

How active can you be per day: pretty active
What brought you in Llamacraft: A discord bot send me a message.
What inspired you to apply: This server looks good
What makes you better than other applicants: I'm smart
How can you make LlamaCraft better: banning people, adding mods/plugins, mute people and kick people.

Best regards
- WhiteGL
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Thanks for that! I just joined and am already looking at staff for the future because this seems like a really fun server.
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+1 on the thread. Definitely useful for those looking to apply, great in-depth descriptions of each question. :)
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