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ItsRescore's Staff Applications


Minecraft Name: ItsRescore

Discord Username:ItsTheRescore

Timezone: AST

Are you multilingual?
No I am Not

Have you ever been punished on the server?

Why should I be staff?
I have ran my own server and have taken advice from people on how to apply rules to a server. I am pretty strict on applying the rules to a server, but I do enforce the correct punishments.

Have you had any past experience?
Yes i Have Had Past Experience, I own a Server Called MinionsPVP i Shut it down due to lack of players, I am currently Co-Owner on a Server Called VibeMC and I Have gained much Experience from those two servers

How can you make LlamaCraft better?
Honestly I Cant think of any way because the server is Perfect.

Are you able to record?
Yes, through OBS.

Do you have a working microphone
Yes only For the application Because im embaressed of my voice.

Why should we accept your application over others?
I have plenty staff experience i am Really A great staff member and i am willing to spend my whole entire free time on LlamaCraft

How long would you be on for each week? (average)
I say I may be able to put in 24 hours a week.

Do we need to know any additional information?
I do have school and that cut out alot from my average time to be on the server.