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Icynnac's Staff Application

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Minecraft Name: Icynnac

Discord Username: Icynnac#8416

Timezone: EST

Are you multilingual?
In a way, yes. I have beginners experience with speaking German, and I've always wanted to speak Japanese.

Have you ever been punished on the server?

Why should I be staff?
I have ran my own server and have taken advice from people on how to apply rules to a server. I am pretty strict on applying the rules to a server, but I do enforce the correct punishments.

Have you had any past experience?
I have applied and got accepted for Staff on a server I really liked, and have been a Moderator there since then. I have all my Staffing Experience from that server. I have punished spammers, bots, and even an exploiter.

How can you make LlamaCraft better?
I know alot about minecraft, been playing for 7 years, and Skyblock is a classic I've played on all the servers I joined that has Skyblock. I can help players if they have questions about how to play Skyblock. I know alot about Staffing as I have applied to 3 servers previously and 1 accepted me and I have been a Moderator there ever since.

Are you able to record?
Yes, through OBS and Medal. (I find Medal easier)

Do you have a working microphone
Yes, but its 3 years old, so it sounds lower quality.

Why should we accept your application over others?
I have plenty of staffing experience so I'd be fit for staff, and I love communicating with the players and taking suggestions and compliments. I am pretty mature for my age and love what the server does!

How long would you be on for each week? (average)
I say I may be able to put in 10 hours a week.

Do we need to know any additional information?
I do have school and that cut out alot from my average time to be on the server.
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Please Add more detail to the questions listed below as you application is lacking detail. :
How can you make LlamaCraft better
What makes you better then other applicants
Previous staffing experience

Thanks for taking your time to create your staff application here on LlamaCraft.

Kind Regards , Slime.


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Application is still lacking detail i recommend you to go over to the accepted applications and get a idea of how much detail and grammar is needed.
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